Cosmetic Tattoo Course

We offer the nationally accredited SHBBSKS003: Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattooing course on the Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne with easy payment plans available. Training dates are flexible, allowing the students to complete the courses on week days, weekends or school holidays or simply by arrangement. Prior to undertaking cosmetic Tattooing course you must complete the prerequisite unit, Maintain infection control standards  (SHBBINF001). We offer both courses in our academy.

* NOTE OUR ACADEMY OFFERS:  Maintain Infection Control and Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattooing together at our centre. Upon completion of the Design & Provide Cosmetic Tattooing you can undertake one of our Advanced Cosmetic Tattooing Courses.

Our college has different locations on the Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney with state of art facilities. If you are coming from interstate, we can organise discounted accommodation for you at your own cost.

The Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Beginners course is a 6 day course covering:

  • Eyebrows hair stroke and shading, measuring and design and application.
  • Eyeliner top & bottom. Design and application.
  • Lip liner design & application.

Students who successfully complete this course will be qualified to perform the above procedures and will be received a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for Cosmetic Tattooing.


 Kit Package Includes:

  • Bella Dragon machine
  • Adaptor
  • Transmission Shafts
  • Sleeves for Bella dragon machine
  • Needle caps for and large for machine
  • Micro Blading hand held tool
  • Needles for Bella Dragon machine
  • Needles for Micro Blading tool
  • 10 pigment colours from US.
  • Small and large pigment cups.
  • Pigment holder stand
  • Measuring Calliper
  • Special eye brow pencil
  • Skins


  • $6,500 for 6- days including a fundamental Kit with 10 pigment colours (value $2000),  with everything you need to get started and to complete more than 12 procedures.
  • The Kit is not used in class which will help recoup your course outlay



We offer Advanced Tattoo Training Courses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Logan, Sunshine Coast, and Sydney. As part of the application process for an Advanced Training courses, students must provide documentation showing that they have completed Beginner Training Course. The records of past training must be submitted along with the application form.

To be eligible to receive this special discount one – day advanced course, you need to show evidence of participating in our beginner course. The normal price is $2,000 plus GST.

During the course you will be provided with course handouts and receive full instruction in how to perform Full Lip Colour and Lip Line & Blend. Our trainer will go through the full process of Lip Theory, consultation, the Client History form filling, techniques for performing successful lip procedures, after treatment care and the follow up appointment. A Certificate will be issued on satisfactory completion of Theory and Practical work.



Our academy offers a nationally accredited SHBBINF001: Maintain Infection Control Standards course and training on the Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne with easy payment plans available. Infection control is a key management strategy aimed at improving infection control outcomes for patients and staff. This certificate is a prerequisite needed for QLD Radiation Health prior to submitting an application for a ‘User Licence’ to use any laser apparatus.

Under legislation, anyone who engages in body piercing, tattooing or laser technology which includes skin penetration, must complete SHBBINF001 (an infection control competency) from the health training package before they pierce anyones’ skin in return for payment.

This unit provides the skills and knowledge required of health care workers in office practice settings to comply with infection control regulations, standards, guidelines, and policies and procedures and to identify, manage, and control infection risks to clients, themselves, and other health care workers.

This course is recommended to be studied together with the Laser Safety Officer course (both certificates are prerequisites required by QLD Radiation Health for ‘User Licence’).

This course covers the following topics:

  • Application of infection control practices
  • Application of standard precautions against infection
  • Infection control applied during procedures
  • Reprocessing instruments
  • Infection control guidelines and standards
  • Maintain personal protection
  • Monitor and maintain clean lines