Laser Tattoo Removal


The ND Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine will treat all coloured tattoos effectively. It has a water cooled system with cold laser tip for client comfort. No trigger has been added to the handpiece to stop operator misuse. The machine comes with a foot switch for more accurate treatments. It has the latest technology in Laser Tattoo Removal firing in 1 – 10 hertz with strong energy. The Laser is designed to only target the ink which fragments it, to remove the tattoo. The client needs 2 – 8 treatments depending on the inks originally used, skin type, etc. The ND Yag comes with two tips and dual action LCD screen, in 532nm and 1064 nm.Nd yag laser (1).jpg resized

ND Yag Laser Machine

532 nm & 1064 nm laser tips

Cooled water cirulating handpiece

1 – 10 Htz

0  to – 3 degrees

Safety Goggles

Manual and Training

Consumable Items For Treatments

Class 4 Laser Machine


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