Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Machines

caviOur Bodislim Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation delivers 40,000 htz of ultrasound to destroy the fat cell membrane. This releases the fat which is used by the body as energy or taken away by the bodies system. Results are achieved over 8 to 10 weekly sessions and can be used in combination with the skin tightening treatment head and vacuum liposuction for lymphatic drainage. Bodislim Systems have been sold worldwide with excellent results. The machine can be tailor made to your own specifications, with or without vacuum or rf skin tightening options. This very affordable machine will help to increase and Salons profits with many satisfied customers.

Machine Inclusions

  • 1 large ultrasonic cavitation head  40,000 HTZ
  • 3 Smaller ultrasonic cavitation heads  1 MHTZ
  • 1 Large vacuum head with rollers for lymphatic drainage
  • 1 RF Skin tightening head  (multipolar / tripolar heads )

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Training in salon available with purchase