Laser Safety Course Online


The Course has  been approved by Queensland Health Department
and is one of the requirements needed before anyone can purchase, use or maintain a Laser system in Queensland.

The online course can be completed in one day and you can start any time.

This course is designed to provide the practitioner with a laser safety certificate and is suitable for
Beauty Therapists, Technicians , nurses and other qualified staff that operate IPL & Laser systems in clinical situations.

What Will You Receive Upon Completion? ·

LSO certification as a Laser Safety Officer
You will be given a course manual with a full book of questions and answers to read and fill out.

Who endorses or recognises the Laser Safety Course

All Australian States that have an endorsing authority including but not limited to Queensland Government Radiation Health, Health Protection; The Government of Western Australia Radiological Council; Tasmanian Government Radiation Protection Unit;

Minimum Qualifications Required :

The Act states persons seeking a license to use laser apparatus are required to possess a working understanding of biology, physiology, pathology, anatomy of skin, types of skin lesions, wound healing, scar management and pain management.

Applicants are therefore required to have:
·         Beauty Therapy Diploma or equivalent
·         Enlisted or Registered nurse
·         Past Nursing Experience
·         Medical Assistant, Beauty Therapy students or Massage TherapistLaser hair removal
·         Clinic owners with equivalent experience

What is covered in the course:

  • Laser and its properties
  • Biological Effects
  • Laser Hazards
  • Laser Equipment and delivery systems
  • Laser Safety Administrative requirements
  • LSO Responsibilities
  • Acceptance, Quality Assurance Testing & Preventative maintenance
  • Laser safe practices

COST $450



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