Ultrasonic Liposuction


Cavitation is a NEW, Non-Invasive Treatment system for the safe reduction of adipose tissue and cellulite. It works using a multi-frequency mode that permits a careful, selective release of ultrasound waves combined with a process called “Cavitation” which selectively targets fat cells in specific problem areas to safely disrupt the membranes of unwanted fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue such as nerves or blood cells.

Cavitation is a biological phenomenon that consists of the formation of pockets of steam (Bubbles) within the interstitial (in between cells) areas which implode by the action of a pulsed frequency ultrasound. This creates shock waves that selectively damaging the membranes of the adipocytes (fat cells), spilling the liquid fat into the blood stream.



Treatments are extremely relaxing, and pain-free and do not last any longer than 20-40 minutes per visit. The client relaxes on the treatment bed while a hand held flat probe device is glided over the marked areas delivering the multi-frequency Cavitation energy. Following the treatment, the client can immediately resume their daily activities.

Treatments require no anesthetics, no downtime, a maximum of 25 minutes (Excluding consultation time) and gives you a quick and a worthwhile return on your investment.

CELLULITE is a change in the fat stored under the skin, appearing as dimples or ripples in the skin. It affects most women. Studies have shown that 80 % of women have cellulite, even if they are thin.

The dimples can go through stages, actually getting worse until the skin sags and loses collagen and elastin. Our Bodilite machines will blast the fat cells, shrink the collagen and therefore reduce cellulite and tighten the skin.

Focal heating of the fat cells increases the rate at which the liquid fat is released from the tissue. It will not affect the surrounding tissue but will increase the secretion of fat.